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making sense of systems, dancing with complexity, and embracing emergence

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Executive champions workshop

Join me, Peter Senge, Arawana Hayashi and Otto Scharmer at the Executive Champions Workshop (ECW) in Stowe, Vermont, presented by the Presencing Institute and the Center for Systems Awareness.  June 12 - 15, 2023.

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café at the edge of the world

Join me, Syrus Marcus Ware, and Vanessa Reid for our spring café.  Registration details coming soon! April 17-21, 2023.

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During our most recent Wolf Willow Winter 2022 "Café at the Edge of the World"

I took participants on a walk with me through the woods of complexity, amongst the stick nation here in Ketegaunseebee (Garden River) First Nation.  We spent time with Grandfather Birch and Grandmother Cedar.  The lovely and talented Kris Kelley-Frere captured the resonance of this collective wisdom experience.  Enjoy!

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