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Anishinaabe gikendaasowin (our original way of knowing) offers insights into complexity and a systemic view of life based in kinship with each other and the natural world ---  gidinawendimin (we are all related).  I am on a wisdom journey to uncover pathways to address society's most entrenched problems via Anishinaabe ancestral teachings. Here is a tea flight of some of my work. Sit by the ishkode (fire) with me and have a cup of niibiishabo (tea).



I published my first peer reviewed article in the inaugural issue of the Journal of Awareness Based Systems Change in 2021.  To date it has had over 23,000 downloads!

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JABSC 2021

Relational Systems Thinking, That's How Change is Going to Come, From Our Earth Mother (Goodchild, 2021)

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JABSC 2022

Relational Systems Thinking, the Dibaajimowin of Re-theorizing "Systems Thinking" and "Complexity Science" (Goodchild, 2022)

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Duck Shit Tea

"Duck Shit Tea, Yarning & the Magical Space in Between Things" an essay by Melanie Goodchild


Stories of the shadow network, my mob.

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Collective change Lab

The systems storytelling initiative.  I join a diverse Community of Practice (CoP) to discover how Storytelling can help us transform social systems.

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Complexity yarns with Indigenous thinkers, featuring Melanie Goodchild (Wolf Willow Institute for Systems Learning), Tyson Yunkaporta from the Indigenous Knowledge Systems Lab (Deakin University Australia), Beth Smith and Dave Snowden Welsh Cynefin Centre colleagues (Wales). 

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Binesiwag Center for Wellness

At Wolf Willow we are pleased to be working with Binesiwag Center for Wellness to host the Indigenous Changemakers Systems Studio, A six-month initiative that brings together Elders, storytellers and changemakers from the Treaty Three region in northern Ontario looking to bring a culturally-centered systems lens to the opioid crisis.

Grand Magazine

Photo Credit: Alisha Townsend

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@ Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum

NOW OPEN!  The first gallery of its kind in North America brings the DAWN OF LIFE to life.  I am so pleased to join other Indigenous knowledge keepers to narrate part of this epic journey back - about 4 billion years - to the origins of life on our planet.  Enter ROM's exciting new gallery and explore, through an astounding fossil collection, the wondrous beginnings of life up to the age of dinosaurs. Listen for my share on Anishinaabe kinship systems in the Cambrian Explosion section of the exhibit.  Level 2/Peter F. Bronfman Hall.  See you at the ROM

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niibiishabo (tea) together is good medicine!

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