In 2021 Melanie published her first peer reviewed article based on her doctoral studies in complexity and systems science.  Her paper Relational Systems Thinking; That's How Change is Going to Come, from Our Earth Mother was published in the inaugural issue of the Journal of Awareness-Based Systems Change (JABSC) from the Presencing Institute at MIT.  Melanie is also a member of the Editorial Board of the JABSC.  Melanie co-authored the paper with Mohawk Elders & knowledge keepers Diane Longboat, Dr. Dan Longboat, Kevin Deer and Rick Hill along with systems scholars Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer.

The JABSC is open source and the article Relational Systems Thinking (Goodchild, 2021)  is available for download.

To date the article has been viewed 6246 times.  Compare this with the most read paper ever in Action Research at 6065 and the most read paper ever in the Journal of Transformative Education at 1227.  Students in a course called Systems Thinking, Sustainability & Social Justice at Presidio Graduate School in California wrote Haikus to reflect on the article (below).  The article has been shared as a resource to support systems transformation work, from Blue Marble Evaluation to Nourish.

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This article explores the notion of the need to decolonize systems thinking and awareness.

Blue Marble Evaluation

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The authors explore the sacred space between Indigenous and non-Indigenous ways of thinking and knowing, to identify pathways to peaceful coexistence of epistemologies


Two boats, one river

Teachings on the way forward

Lie within, the past

Corinne, Presidio Graduate School